Decommissioning: cause for celebration or ploy?

It’s not often that Perry over at Samizdata weighs a political situation and finds himself being equivocal. But in considering the announcement of the IRA’s decommissioning, he can’t make up his mind what it actually means.

  • circles

    Neither nor – its just another necessary step along the path

  • Setanta

    Don’t know how to start a new thread, but the news on the wire is the rossport five are about to be freed. Free The Rossport Five ! Benifit Gig in Bellmullet next Friday come and show your support.

  • smcgiff

    ‘Don’t know how to start a new thread’

    You need to arrange it with Mick, but apparently the price -clue – it doesn’t involve money, so I’m told! 😮 -to be paid is so high that only few have taken him up on his offer!

  • Brian Boru

    More Unionist paranoia.