In case you've missed it

Mick noted The Guardian’s Ship of Fools’ funniest religious joke the other day. In today’s Guardian, comedian Emo Philips, quite rightly, points out – Hey!.. that’s my joke.. and adds a couple more for the sheer hell of it. heh.

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  1. I read a very similar version to that joke in the mid 1970s in a book called ‘Best Ulsterman Jokes’. It was published as part of the Mini Ha Ha series of joke books (Best golf jokes, Best Jewish jokes, Best wedding jokes, Best Irish jokes and so on). Here it is, as far as I remember it:

    A man is walking down the Ormeau Road when he sees another man about to jump into the Lagan from the Ormeau Bridge.

    “Don’t do it”, he cries, “Think of your children!”

    “I’m not married.” replies the man who is about to jump.

    “Well, think of your wife then!” he says.

    “I’m not married.’ replies the suicidal fellow.

    “Think of your poor mother and father!” tries our hero.

    “I’m an orphan.” replies the jumper.

    “Well, think of the blessed virgin Mary.” he begs.

    “Who is she?”

    “Away on and jump you orange bas**rd”.

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