IMC to look at sex abuse amongst paramilitaries?

Slugger hears that the IMC is currently looking at accusations of child sex abuse amongst paramilitaries, specifically the grooming and exploitation of young people. It’s also thought that the NI Children’s Commissioner may soon be researching this dark side of paramilitarism.

  • David Vance

    Sorry, but what is the bright side of paramilitarism?

  • levee

    Great idea. And what an interesting application of such a taboo word.

    When you think about it, what the paramilitaries (both sides, obviously) have been doing has caused great harm to children, especially those in deprived areas.

    Of course, they should take it a step further and round up all the Unionist and Nationalist politicians for misleading and misrepresenting the public for years.

  • Mick Fealty

    Levee, I think it’s the conventional offence they’re looking at. As we’ve seen in the case of Belgium, this can happen within the power networks of an apparently law abiding society.

    It would seem to make sense to examine a society where the ordinary writ of law has been severely limited for nearly forty years (and counting).

    Clearly children may be one of the most vulnerable groups in such circumstances of wholly unaccountable power networks.

  • peteb


    If you mean the conventional offence of physical/mental abuse of children or young people by paramilitaries then it would be appropriate not to use terms like paedophilia – i.e. sexual abuse of children.

    It’s better to accurately describe the accusation.. rather than let an anonymous source over-hype the charge.

  • crat


    Are you sure you heard the rumour right? Sexual abuse?

    I think you may have lost a real story in a chinese whisper.

    If you are correct this is a major scoop. If there is no sexual abuse you still have a scoop, we can see immediately how the IMC are leaking and spinning their next report. (just like kiddy fiddling?)