Galveston on verge of wipe out?

Hurricane Rita has been downgraded to force 4. It’s now heading towards the Texas/Lousiana coast, and expected to hit by first thing tomorrow local time. Galveston is right in the path and, despite an up-to-date re-enforced sea wall, is probably even more vulnerable to a major sea swell than New Orleans was. Check out this computer prediction from CNN.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Back at uni today after enjoying nearly 4 months off during the summer break. Being a student is a tough life isn’t it!

    Back to the thread. I may not be so enamoured with Mitchell Reiss and his lies and blatant two-faced hypocrisy, but I am not so narrow-minded as to believe that all Americans are like him.
    I hope and pray that the people of Galveston, Houston and other neighbouring areas of South Texas don’t suffer the horrific plight of the people of New Orleans. It’s a sobering thought…

  • ch in dallas

    Mick, I’m glad for this thread, so that I can do some ad hoc man on the street reporting for our readers. Dallas may not get the the trop. force winds since Rita is shifting to the east. But it’s like the entire pop of NI is trying to get to Dublin all at once in heat of 38c. to ecsape a storm that would envelope entirey all of Ireland. I can say that my petrol station at the end of the lane has been non-stop, because once this goes no more can be delivered for a week or 2. And 2 million thrisy cars are just getting into Dallas this morning.

  • ch in dallas

    Back from the petrol station. They’re down to a one day supply. Talked to evacuees from Galveston, caravan filling up. 8 hour drive took 36 hours. No food along the way, no toilets. Their pet hamsters died along the way and the lady was a little upset about that. Couldn’t get dad to leave. Left in Galveston with no legs, but he wasn’t leaving, and as a man he had that right, says he. They were tired, hungry, upset. Just one story out of the millions.

  • Angel

    I was watching the local news and the governor of LA made a statement to those that chose to stay that they should write thier social security numbers on their arms with indelible ink. Poor thing looks hagard and lost.

    Only the hand of Mother Nature could slap Americans back to reality. I’m waiting to see if we will have any tornados this winter(happened before).

  • SlugFest


    My thoughts are with you and everyone else in the South.