Kenny's bookshop closes its doors…

I’m not sure how long Mullan’s in Royal Avenue is gone now, but Galway is about to lose one of its most venerable institutions, Kenny’s Bookshop is to close its doors and is beating a retreat to the net. The Money Programme on BBC 2 this week looked at the phenomenon of eBay and how antique dealers are decamping and heading for the net en masse.

  • Sinéad

    Ah feck it. Any time I’m in Galway, it’s the first place I head for. I love shuffling around the mountains of books in there. I’m sad to hear that…

  • Ringo

    What a pity. Its one of the great institutions in Galway. I took shelter in Kenny’s a few weeks back to avoid a downpour on a Saturday afternoon – no better place to get stuck in for a while.

    Anyway the king is dead, long live the king – Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, across the road from Kennys on Middle Street is even worse for completely losing yourself for an afternoon.

  • Yoda

    Ah shite.

    Why does everything turn to crap?

  • garpdave

    Ah, Mullans. That prompted a surge of nostalgia for the days when school prizes could only be selected from there. IIRC it closed sometime round the turn of the 90’s.

    What does Belfast have now? And how much use is your average bookshop drone – it’s like being served by the fast food employee from The Simpsons.

    Or is it just me?