No sex please, we're British…

THE DUP’s Peter Weir has accused the TV sex industry of targeting the most vulnerable sections of society through subscriptions and text message services. Is he right, or has he just picked up Paul Berry’s mobile phone at a branch meeting? Going down, apparently, doesn’t go down well in North Down.

  • smcgiff

    20/09/2005 – Thought this deserved to be marked. I agree with the DUP on the prevalence of pornography.

    In the interests of investigation, you understand, I have seen what passes for titillation during the Freeviews (the Pornography Barons are not getting my money!).
    It’s pretty debasing stuff, and add your own cliché here… it objectifies women as sex objects, and ONLY SEX OBJECTS (yes, I know it’s a pornography channel and not BBC Newsline), but you’ve got to wonder what is acceptable/allowable behaviour. The fact that it’s coded and the women/men in question are paid is beside the point. Prostitutes get paid too.

    I would imagine you could portray the sex act in such a way as to be exciting etc. etc. without it appealing to the lowest common denom… trench coat wearer. Okay, it may take more thought, and cost more money, but hey… I wouldn’t shed too many tears if these guy’s profits were cut. I’m not talking about sex between a married couple with the lights turned down low, but at least the females don’t HAVE to be shown as slightly more animated blow up dolls.

    Text Messages – Again, I’m with the DUP on this. The companies in question target the easiest of prey – Fish in a barrel stand a better chance. Hormone soaked teenagers can get sexy pictures sent to their phones? This is a no-brainer – they will do it. Cost be damned. But, the practice I deplore most is not the single picture they send (and the pornography industry is not alone here, but I suspect they’re probably the same companies) is that when you ask for such a picture you’re actually subscribing for what is usually a weekly or more frequent service. Okay, it’s in the small print, but this is completely unacceptable. I’d shut these companies down in the morning – same with ring tone companies for that matter. Vote Smcgiff as your benevolent dictator!

    Banning Sex shops – Glad to disagree on this point. They’re used by adults for adults, and this is the key, used within real relationships. Perfectly healthy, and I imagine, possibly aids to continued monogamous relationships, otherwise known as marriages.

  • Dessertspoon

    When is all this stuff on TV??? It must be when I’m out having a life.

    I do not need some sanctimonious politician to tell me what I can and can’t watch, buy or not buy, enjoy or not enjoy. Perhaps he and his party should stop playing the holier than thou card and start concentrating on issues that matter like mass riots in Belfast or oh I don’t know getting our own governing structure and institutions back up and running. North Down look out soon there’ll be no dancing, no talking, no laughing and mandatory attendance at the Free P services and all DUP rallies !!

  • looking in

    as of this month sky enabled users to remove paytv listings, and block others, from the EPG – so you have to have the PIN – which should be the responsibility of the adult of the house.

    I’m sorry if DUP want to interfere that much in individuals personal lives then satirical analogies with the Taliban are sure to follow. Which might be a disservice to the Taliban…

    otherwise, as said above, there are a few other more pressing and dare we say life threatening issues that these full-time taxpayer funded politicos can address – once they are sorted we can get back to rights/wrongs of TV porn (its a waste of money as my wife says …not a hard’on in sight)

  • Elvis the dog

    On July 13 I overheard Peter Weir, while donning his black man outfit in a field at Scarva, ask a handsome male friend ‘Do I look like a w****r’?

    Presumably he’s not, on this showing.