Documentary to allege Blair ignored robbery intelligence

It looks like the Toolis’ Big Heist documentary is going to cut more than one way. According to the Newsletter yesterday, a member of Tony Blair’s negotiating team is in the firing line for not acting on information received in advance of Europe’s largest ever bank robbery.

  • peteb

    Hmm.. Mick, that sounds like the aspect the Sunday Life focused on.

  • crow

    This information comes as no surprise.

  • Dessertspoon

    Well hardly surprising he ignored it. The last lot of intelligence he got wasn’t up to much now was it!

  • crow

    If you are refering to WMD intelligence that was’nt ignored because it suited Blair so he could invade Iraq.This latest intelligence was ignored so it would not rock the boat with republicans.

  • lib2016

    Heard the interview on the Pat Kenny show this morning. Pat may not be at his finest when he tries to display his human side but he did a perfect straightfaced job of showing that there was absolutely no hard information coming out of this.

    He exposed the fact that Toolis was basing everything on McDowell, the man who accused Bertie of governing “like Ceausescu of Romania” and then went into government with him. Pathetic – Toolis didn’t even know how much money was involved!

  • Lonely Pint

    So far, in all the press coverage of this programme, I have not come across one piece of solid evidence.

    As I said on aonther thread, ‘the evidence’ will be testimony from McDowell – aided and abetted by the likes of Cusack, McIntyre and the rest.

  • Robert Keogh

    Think we can get a documentary on how Blair is ignoring the Finucane coverup paper trail leading directly to the british cabinet?

    As Blair said to Ahern “This shit (Finucane) goes right to the top and that’s why it will never come out.”

  • Yoda

    I’m a little curious about the (mock?) outrage expressed by some posters. Do they honestly think that a politician will not make political hay while the intelligence sun shines? Intelligence is a political tool.

    Is there really that much naivety about how politics works? It’s the art of seizing and maintaining power, not flower arranging.

    Or is it just that they don’t like Blair himself? If so, that’s a different kettle of lobsters.

  • Gratusi

    Lonely Pint’s comments are very fair and accurate. How many occasions have the Channel 4 programme makers been to court or threatened during this terrorist war, with legal proceedings because of inaccurate reporting or fixed story lines? Why the hell should the viewers accept their utterances as anything less than what they were accused of in the past………………..crap pedling!