A tale of two traditions…

AN Elim church in Larne is to hear about the experiences of Fr Paul Symonds, a Catholic priest in Harryville. The Church of Our Lady has been the subject of a sustained loyalist protest and has been vandalised on countless occasions since.

  • Napper

    There is no dealing with or responding to scum who valdalize a place of worship. Case closed.

  • Gonzo


  • slug

    Father Symonds is deserving of great praise.

    Gonzo: the Elim church that he is addressing is in Larne. (I always seem to be correcting Slugger. If you don’t even read the links…)

  • DC

    The Elim Pastor in Larne who is a leading light in this inter church group is an interesting character;

    He was ‘saved’ by the Doc and used to support the DUP in the 1970s. He is chaplain of the local Football Club, the Orange Order, and is an active, very pro agreement member of the Ulster Unionist Party in Larne.

  • Gonzo


    My bad. Fixed it.