"Obscene haste" to get SF back in government

With the IRA still rumoured to be about to, or possibly in the process of decommissioning, Nigel Dodds takes the governments to task for doing side deals with the IRA, and pressuring Unionists into premature contact with Sinn Fein. This follows a vehement attack on recent proposals put forward by President Bush’s special envoy Mitchell Reiss.

  • middle-class taig

    yeah, I mean it’s ridiculous that anyone should think the DUP should have to speak to their neighbours after only a mere 11 (eleven) years

    you tell’em doddsy

  • spirit-level

    This guy Dodds has a sub-machine gun. Everyone gets his bullets, everytime you hear him speak he’s firing round after round. At the British Gov’t, Irish Gov’t, the Police, the Parades Commission, Sinn Fein, and now Mitchell Reiss.
    I hope this won’t be clipped, but its useless taking up any arguement he’s making, because he isn’t making any. You can’t negotiate with a guy with a gun like his, you’re too busy “doddging” the hail of bullets. You have to get him to give up his weapons. ” On Decommissioning Dodds” would make a good headline for an article!

  • Dessertspoon

    “swanning in….having been absent when the heavy work was going on and all contributions might have been appreciated. Even a phone call to check the facts might have indicated a passing interest. But nothing was heard from him or many others now pontificating so loudly about the situation.”

    Here Dodds is talking about Mitchell Reiss but to me it sounds like a good description of the DUP approach to politics in Norn Iron!
    Apparently Mitch is now damaged goods but Nigel will still cling to certain things he says (SF and Policing)and make sure they are applied. I don’t think you can justify cherry-picking like this when you consider that the man has no credibility.

    DUP – Hypocrisy that’s working!