Love, Ulster – Redux

Belfast City Council’s over-zealous approach to banning adult-orientated shops in Belfast looks like leaving rate-payers to pick up a £100,000 legal bill after a refusal for a judicial review of the decision on the application for Miss Behavin’ was overturned in the Court of Appeal, the Appeal Court judges agreeing that Belfast City Council’s decision was unlawful. But with even online retail giant Amazon stepping into the Sex and Sensuality market [link may not be work-safe – Ed].. at least, on their US website.. for now.. isn’t it time to stop trying to hide the piano legs?

  • spirit-level

    I thought Jane’s Cuthbertson’s choice of language in saying all the sex shops are “standing firm” was quite a rib-tipped tickler 😉


    Ah Belfast, where else would you get a council that allows shops to sell paramilitary regalia, but not pictures of people shagging ?

  • scipio

    At the bottom of North Street is a delightful establishment which specialises in selling combat knives and replica guns (including full scale SA80s and ‘disabled handguns’)

    I haven’t heard about anyone in Belfast being murdered with a vibrator or anyone holding up a post office with a replica penis – but it appears that the council are more worried abourt the morality of sex rather than violence

  • harry flashman

    I immediately thought “Oh no here we go again, the Victorians covered the piano legs to stop them thinking of sex, that old piece of rubbish spouted by ‘progressives’ everywhere”, anyway I checked it out on wikipedia and the only reference is to debunk this nonsense.

    So Slugger may I ask you and all the other pedlars of this nonsense to knock it off, this is one of those hoary old chestnuts that needs killed off. You can accuse the people of Victorian Britain of many things most of which turn out upon examination to be garbage, but until our age can produce as many geniuses in the fields of exploration, literature, science, invention, engineering, public reform, military strategy, health improvement, oratory, art, political thinking etc etc then we pygmies by comparison should learn to hang our heads in shame.

  • peteb


    I’d just point out that you “checked it out on wikipedia” via the link that I provided.

    The accusation, of wanting to hide the piano legs, is aimed at a more contemporary target.

  • Henry94

    Ulster Unionist Councillor Chris McGimpsey said the council had followed the wishes of people living close to the shops.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to live near one. Maybe those who welcome such establishments could let the council know they would be happy to have one in their area.

    And It’s nice to see Councillor McGimpsey recognising the rights of local residents to have an opinion about what goes on in their area.

  • pacart

    TAFKABO, where else would you get it but Belfast?
    Try Derry where a harmless, unassuming “fantasy” shop has had it’s licence revoked by a nationalist controlled council – with Sinn Fein to the forefront. The shop is in Waterloo Street, well away from the main drag, and displays nothing offensive in its window, unless you are offended by the sight of a shop dummy wearing lady’s underwear.The shop is well frequented by the way, and I’m glad to say the owner is challenging the council.

  • maca

    “banning adult-orientated shops” You’re SO behind the times lads.

    Sheez Harry, lighten up. Back into your time machine and off to Victorian Britain with ya!

  • Philip

    I thought it was Lisburn, but even so, just shows the incompetance of certain people.

  • Mark

    There was enough of an outcry in Lisburn when Ann Summers opened, the shopping centre even tried to deny they had let the unit to them (not sure how they hoped to keep that one going once it opened), I can only guess at the row it would cause if a real sex shop started up!

  • Young Fogey

    Maybe those who welcome such establishments could let the council know they would be happy to have one in their area.

    Well, there are several in the area I live in and I can’t say I even notice them.

    I also don’t see why ratepayers should pick up this bill – 2000 quid or so per councillor sounds about right to me as a surcharge for gross stupidity combined with actually thinking you have any business in the sex lives of consenting adults, especially when you’re city is in a complete mess otherwise.

  • Gonzo

    The word “priorities” springs to mind, for some strange reason…