Do Unionists really love Ulster?

Although he’s clearly enjoying himself, Danny Morrison questions the priorities of the Unionist rioters. In particular, he asks Unionist leaders to take an objective look at what they have agreed to (albeit contingent on promised IRA moves) even in the later version of the Belfast Agreement, the embryonic Comprehensive Agreement.

Are we living in a 32-county, democratic socialist republic under an IRA government? Has Protestantism been suppressed and the Orange Order banned? Has the centre of all commerce, banking and administration been shifted to Carrickmore?

Whatever became of Reg Empey’s contribution to political stability, his cocky, provocative claim after the setting up of the executive under the Belfast Agreement, that “the hunger strikers had died for nothing and republicans were administering British rule in the North”?

Whatever became of Ian Paisley’s claim to unionists just four months ago that, by voting for the Democratic Unionists, the Ulster Unionist “sellout” would end and be reversed and that under him there would be “no more concessions to the IRA and no more rewards for IRA/Sinn Féin”?

  • 9countyprovience

    No. Hee hee. 😉

  • looking in

    To quote Empey on BBC website today “We saw individual cases of people behaving in my view inappropriately,”

    “In my view” …. “inappropriately”! WTF planet is he on … you would think that as an apparently major politcial leader in NI his condemnation would be a touch more forthright? Given the full-on attack on lawful agents of HM Government.

    This is a fundamental issue that stinks and is at the heart of the problem – all the politicos are tarred by the same orange brush but they haven’t the balls to speak out or break with their tribalism. They are not going to speak against their own.

  • Dessertspoon

    Twas ever thus ‘Looking in’. Most situations and statements made in Norn Iron are made from templates. In fact I’m surprised you can’t download them from the internet with spaces left to insert “your name”, “their name”, your organisation”, “their organisation” – The Microsoft Office Tribal Politics Addin. Why depresses me is that they really don’t see to see the irony themselves.

  • Michael Turley

    Anyone remember the stern, upright and apparently law abiding Unionist spokesmen who unequivocally condemned violence in the past? No mitigating social alienation or equality issues could obscure what, back then, was a simple issue of law and order.

  • Alan McDonald


    The Microsoft Office Tribal Politics Addin

    Excellent! This was the tepmlate used to draft the Iraqi constitution, no?

    Her in the US, we call it the “Talking Points” template.

  • no-hope-here

    To listen to some ‘protestant leaders’ is a bit like listening to an ulster farmer.

    Ask him about the weather, its either too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. Its seldom fine.

    Loyalist leaders do the same thing. I sometimes wonder if they ever see the cup as half full.

  • Peace

    They Love Ulster so much they burn it, Yes of course they do …don’t they?! lol