Has Slugger got a new strapline…

Okay, it was last but one. That Jimmy Sands has been mischeiveous, again. As I’ve said previously, I’m no fan of online petitions, but this skit has produced a few gems. Not least Jimmy’s apposite strapline – Slugger: the thinking man’s riot! We think he has got it in one. Unless, of course, you know better!!

  • peteb

    A mention too, I’d suggest, for TAFKABO’s

  • Mark

    Why is Jimmy Sands not listed as being part of the Slugger team on the homepage?

  • smcgiff

    Why do I have the niggling feeling that giving my real email address to that shower may not have been the most clever thing I’ve done this morning.

  • Mick Fealty


    Two reasons: I don’t always get round to doing it directly; and Jimmy has only blogged on Slugger about half a dozen times – so that when I’ve added newer members of the team, I’ve simply forgotten to do it. Will correct that directly.

  • looking in

    Condone, Condem & Comment.

    With thanks to Mr D Baillie, for inspiration


    Thanks PeteB.

    Glad you liked it.
    I was going to go with.

    “Slugger O’Toole, not worth the paper it isn’t printed on”

  • Jimmy_Sands

    I don’t know whether the ambiguity was deliberate but my favourite from the DI petition:
    40 EilishMcKenna
    End the ban Daily Ireland is a unique paper long may it continue.