Katrina wasn't about global warming…

I want to come back to the scientific backdrop to the human and economic tradegy in New Orleans, Lousiana and Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In the meantime, here’s an interesting piece which warns environmentalists not to venture too much on backing global warming link to increased number of hurricanes.

  • Brian Boru

    Well I still feel it’s because of global-warming.

  • peteb

    Not that I subscribe to the attempted linkage in the case of Katrina, Mick.. its an isolated example.. hitting a specific and vulnerable area..

    ..but the hypothesis put forward, by those pushing Kyoto as a solution, is one of a link between an increased intensity of any hurricanes that occur and global warming.

  • Mick Fealty

    On second thoughts pete, maybe you should do the science piece? You did get the higher Geek rating after all! đŸ˜‰ (Much higher in fact).

  • peteb

    Indeed, Mick :p

    As far as I can tell.. the hypothesis rests on a connection between increased sea temperature and increased hurricane intensity.. which doesn’t seem to be disputed.

    The question remains, however, as to whether the increasing sea temperature used in the computer model will actually occur.

  • Katie

    We certainly could use a cut in our greenhouse gas emissions, whether ot not Katrina had struck.

    I am sort of of the mind however that because of the loose expectations Kyoto placed on developing countries, I do not know that it in itself is the Be all end all of public policy decision. I think we will notice more firms from developed nations set up shop in countries who are not required to comply with kyoto, and continue to pollute just as much as they ever did, and more. All the while horrendously abusing the cheaper and less restricted workforces in those coutries. non regulation in developing countries leads to all sorts of human rights nightmares, and the more attractive we make these nations to big business, the less likely kyoto is to work.

    I certainly think that global warming is here, and it is a fact, but as to Katrina, well, She might have happened whether or not we pollute. There has been precedent for huge hurricanes in america before. What is more alarming to me is the fact that this is the begginning of hurricane season and we are already up to Ophelia, I honestly dont remember having this many, this early before.

    I am not scienc-ey enough to really deeply discuss this so I want to say that these are just my own opinions.

    I also have a feeling that with heating season coming,and the oil supply disrupted as it has been, americans may be motivated by thier ridiculously high heating costs to sincerely look at cleaner, renewable fuels. We might just end up in compliance with Kyoto despite ourselves. I hope.