A place beyond parody…

Newton Emerson is unimpressed with the negative light which Unionist politicians have been throwing on the general Unionist future. Thanks to Feismother for the heads up!

  • The Watchman

    A disturbingly superficial little article. That might be considered a heavyweight analysis of unionism at the Gerry-cooing Guardian but the subject deserves better: see Myers above.

  • peteb

    That’s the new [comic] g2 section for you.. not much room available.. even for satire..

  • P Ring

    Newton I believe has always represented himself as a dedicated constitutional unionist and a child of Thatcherism to boot. Wouldn’t now be the time for him to move into party politics? At least Newton is a joker and not a joke like the present so-called unionist leadership.
    Newt for fuhrer.

  • Fanny

    Would somebody PLEASE give Watchman a newspaper column, before he does himself an injury.

  • joc

    I just think its a disgrace that Newt terminated the PDN 2 weeks before this started.

    Come on Newt – where are you when we need you ??????

  • Jimmy Sands

    Tom Lehrer said that he retired as a satirist when Henry Kissinger got the Nobel Peace Prize, so I don’t expect these events to lead to a revival of the PDN. Having said that I’ll take Newt’s well-judged contempt over Myers jejune apologia any day. The notion that loyalists are outraged at the provos reaping the rewards of violence implies that the UDA has spent the last decade tending to kittens and helping old ladies across the road. The RA doesn’t have a monopoly on terrorism, they’re just better at it.