England about to win the Ashes!

For those of you who missed the Ashes series – my commiserations. It was gripping from the start. Although at the moment is just like watching paint dry: they are off the pitch with bad light. Now we are set for the last hour’s play (or non play), which is destined to end in a draw, and for England to win the series for the first time in just under twenty years. You can catch the report here.

  • spirit-level

    What a series, such competition, such team-spirit. Flintoff must be man of the series; but Kevin Pieterson, has been our bookend. Declared just now. I’m a happy chappy, put on £77 at 7/2..with paddypower.com plus £50 from my pub landlord who gave me 6/4 on £20. Brilliant. Bye to Richie. The best ever in his own words 🙂

  • ip

    it wasn’t meant to end like this. the loss of play over the last five days, and the fact that england have only ocassionally played well, makes the victory hollow. like the rugby world cup, the reality cheque is already being written and they’ll be brought back down to earth with a bump pretty quickly

  • GavBelfast

    Yeah, yeah, IP. Not Robin Livingstone are you? Oh, I forgot, he IS a limey-lover. 😉

    Stay away from the party then.

  • peteb

    Shane Warne deservedly named as Australia’s Man of The Series

    I’d suspect Freddie Flintoff will be, also deservedly, named as England’s.

  • SeamusG

    IP, listen to the after match comments of Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting.
    A fantastic sporting contest.

  • Menzies

    “From sashes to ashes” is how this evening’s Channel 4 news moved from the story about loyalist violence in Belfast to England’s victory at the Oval. I was glued to it all day. Not as exciting today I thought as the previous games, to much tension in my stomach, but delighted with the outcome. Well done England, a well needed tonic after their football defeat at the hands of Our Wee Country.

  • Fraggle

    The Ashes? eh? what are they?

  • iluvni

    ip: another boring begrudger

    England well and truly deserved the Ashes. The Aussies were outplayed from the 2nd Test on and only their fighting spirit saved a complete humiliation.

  • Micko

    How about Sean Og’s speech??

  • Micko

    How about Sean Og’s speech??