The discontent of Sir Reg

Saturdays Newsletter carried a platform piece by Sir Reg Empey in which he outlined his concerns for the future. His concern over Dail speaking rights for Northern MP’s and MEP’s is shared it seems by Andrew McCann (praise indeed).

The Party has since its release been explicit in its distrust of the IRA statement.

  • Gonzo

    Note to self: Read previous thread before posting. Different links, so I think I’ll let mine stay, hope you don’t mind, MS.

  • G2

    “The DUP will quickly learn that the luxury of being able to grumble from the sidelines and blame everyone else is gone.”

    Well said Sir Reg ,

    The tables are turned altogether Daddy Doc can’t shout “Trimble the Traitor” anymore when he sits down in Stormont with Mr Adams.the leader of SF.

    Daddy Doc will be saying “What is it Gerald one lump or two, you dont mind me calling you Gerald do you? Just think if it hadn’t been for dear ole David Trimble and the UUP signing that GFA with you Gerald we wouldn’t be having this wee friendly cup of tea?

  • nmc

    Here, Reg! Mind your business.

  • Occasional Commentator

    I don’t see how any unionist can have a problem with speaking rights for Northern MPs and MEPs in the Dail. The Dail can only legislate for the 26, so it doesn’t make any difference to NI unionists. It’s not as if the RoI has jurisdiction over the whole of the UK just because Tony Blair spoke in the Dail once.

    As it happens, I do have a problem with speaking rights for Northern MPs and MEPs, but that’s because I’m an RoI citizen. But just because I agree with the NI unionists, doesn’t mean I think they have a leg to stand on! If you know what I mean.

  • Traditional Unionist

    No, that makes no sense, surely then you have no leg to stand on.

  • euinni

    Jim allister refuses “to be participating in the Dail in order to promote republicanism’s pretence that an all-Ireland parliament exists”