Hate and homophobia up – burglaries down

The latest PSNI crime figures show a drop in overall crime in Northern Ireland by nearly eight per cent. Burglaries, for example, are down 18 per cent but hate crimes have jumped from 226 reported incidents two years ago to 813 now, a jump of 79.5% in the last year alone.Homophobic incidents show an even more worrying rise, jumping from 35 reported incidents two years ago to 196 now, a jump of 176.1% in the last year.

Other figures of interest are the 23.8 per cent rise in domestic incidents to over 20,000, that loyalist attacks made up over 80% of the 93 paramilitary style shootings in the last year and the number of incendiary devices used, a favourite of dissident republicans, has rocketed from 3 to 36.