Food for thought

Daily Ireland, in association with Piat d’Or apparently, has a suggestion as to how the more aspirational element of its readership may wish to while away the marching season, namely the dinner party. To make matters more interesting they have come up with some fun themes that they believe will appeal to their readers:

“A murder mystery party: Murder mystery games are easy to plan and great fun to play.
Tell your guests to come to the party in character, costumes are optional, all of whom are murder suspects.
The fun begins as you try to recreate the events leading up to the fatal moment.
As accusations fly, you must figure out who among you has committed the crime.
In the end, the mystery is solved and the truth is told.
Many toy shops now stock boxed games containing invitations and plot lines.
Though expensive, divided among you it works out fairly cheaply.
A great way to spend a night.”

One suspects of course that there may be some interesting local variations on these rules