Fireman Hospitalised

A fireman is in hospital this morning recovering from injuries sustained when his crew was attacked in what may have been a pre-planned ambush by a group of yobs. Unison Breaking News reports Chris Kerry, the local commander – “He said people were using mobile phones to take photographs of last night’s incident, which he described as “recreational violence where people are getting a sick pleasure” from attacking emergency workers.” These sorts of attacks are a disgrace.But it’s all very well to condemn this sort of behaviour. After the condemnations, we need action not words.

Firstly – More needs to be done for youngsters in deprived areas.

Those caught in this sort of behaviour should face stiff penalties. Parents need to assume reponsibility for the behaviour of their children.

Have we come to the stage where the police need to provide cover for ambulances and firecrews attending certain areas ? Would that encourage trouble in which case should emergency services be expected to face this sort of behaviour – could any of us blame them if they refused to attend a call to an area where they have been attacked ?

Horribly complicated and I could see a situation where Plastic bullets would end up being used for the first time in years – and personally speaking I would have no sympathy for any young thug injured while attacking anbulance or firecrews.