Van the Man in a new light.

The Scotsman today carries a review, Van – the Man and the Devil, by Tony Randall of a new book “VAN MORRISON, NO SURRENDER” By JOHNNY ROGAN. The review focuses on the influence of his upbringing in the dour Ulster from which emerged not only one of Northern Ireland’s best known musicians but also the Reverend Ian Paisley and reaches a startling conclusion.”Rogan’s theory is this: The capital of the North has bred touchy, defensive, constantly wary and rather ugly Ulstermen, always primed to lash out at any threat, real or imagined, and Ian “No Surrender” Paisley is its apotheosis. Now, think about the brooding Van Morrison for a moment. Which are his most reported character traits? Well, as Rogan’s relates it, any and all of the above. So it’s obvious. Van Morrison is none other than the Rev Ian Paisley, slightly fatter and with a guitar.

[my emphases in bold]