Why the problems wont just go away.

Many in the Ulster Unionist Party are valiantly optimistic about the future of their Party while they survey the electoral wreckage left after last week.

While the pro and anti-Agreement battle raged, developing into a pro and anti-Trimble argument, is the next battle the liberal vs conservative wings clashing over the future?Sylvia Hermon is now the sole UUP MP at Westminster and over the next few years she will be doing more interviews like this one than she has done over the last few years. The UUP MP who by her own admission, perfers Sinn Fein’s company to that of the DUP has still not ruled herself out of the Ulster Unionist leadership race. If she does decide to throw her hat into the ring she has made it quite clear what path she would take.

Lady Hermon’s path is somewhat different to that which others such as David Burnside would choose. The polls haven’t closed a full seven days and it seems like there is another split slowly developing within the UUP. Not to mention the squabbles over who is to blame for the current mess!