NIO ministers announced. Ho hum…

THREE new ministers have been appointed to the Northern Ireland Office by Prime Minister Blair. The BBC got the scoop.The Ministers are:

David Hanson and Lord Rooker have been made ministers, taking over from Barry Gardiner and Ian Pearson.

Shaun Woodward, a millionaire who defected from the Conservative Party to Labour, was made a junior NIO minister.

Angela Smith remains at the NIO but there is no confirmation of John Spellar’s fate.

David Hanson is the MP for Delyn in North Wales and is a trusted ally of Tony Blair, having been his Parliamentary Private Secretary for the last four years.

Lord Rooker – formerly an MP for Birmingham’s Perry Barr – moves from the Home Office to take up his new position.

I can’t be bothered searching for biographies or profiles of these unrepresentative nobodies looking for a step up the Cabinet ladder, so feel free to post any information of interest below.

Heck, even the Secretary of State is just a part-time job these days.

Sadly, that probably indicates that Blair and Powell will have their hands on the tiller even more now than they did when they undermined Paul Murphy… but I can’t see Hain just standing idly by and saying nothing!