Are Southern Protestants Victims?

The Irish Independendent reports (free reg req) that 23 pc of respondents to an EU-sponsored survey of Protestants in the Republic Southern border counties* said they had suffered mainly verbal abuse at work or school.

More than half of those surveyed (57 pc) said they felt that Southern political institutions did not adequately represent them.

However, the report says that while the Protestant community up until recently felt marginalised and isolated, there is a sense that this is changing with survey respondents describing the Protestant community in the southern border region as “respected” and “equal”.

Equality Authority chief executive Niall Crowley added the report is important in providing “some access to the voice of members of the Protestant community in the southern border region”.

Protestants made up roughly 10% of the population of the 26 counties in 1902. In 2002, this had dropped to 3.7%.

*corrected, with thanks to maca. It’s early.