Trimble resignation statement due today

According to the BBC, David Trimble isn’t going to wait for the council election results.. or to take the weekend to think about it.. a statement, announcing his resignation as UUP leader, is expected to be released “at about teatime” today.. ermm.. help me out here.. that’s about 5pm, right? Update Oops. Missed this bit – “It is thought he could remain as leader until the end of the summer.”.. sounds like it might read the same as Michael Howard’s statement. Another Update It seems teatime is whenever you want it to be – David Trimble to step down as UUP leader – “The party chairman will be arranging for a meeting of the party executive to make the arrangements for a special meeting of the Ulster Unionist Council to elect a new leader at which point I[David Trimble] shall formally resign.” [Added link to statement]