Trimble right, pundits wrong?

Voting was brisk this morning as David Trimble cast his vote in Lisburn – something that gave him evident pleasure. He was still certain that gains could be made and cast cold water on those who consider his days are soon to be over, “I do take pleasure in proving the pundits wrong. Maybe at some point we’ll see the pundits get out and actually speak to people?”

Effectively he’s hoping that he’ll get some crossover votes from Catholics. He’s confident he’ll get some in and around the Banbridge area. He was less certain about Lurgan and Portadown, where the SDLP’s candidate Dolores Kelly is on home ground and fighting for each vote in her face off against Sinn Fein’s John O’Dowd. Trimble claims he’s finishing strongly, but the DUP are yet not breaking sweat on the news.

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