Britain to Elect Psychopath as PM

In typically understated prose, Kevin Myers claims in today’s Irish Times (subs required) that Britain is about to elect a psychopath for his third term as Prime Minister. Although he accepts that:
To be sure Tony Blair is not a psychopath in the manner of serial killers; he is merely a man without a conscience who in his youth developed a grandiose scheme to become prime minister of the United Kingdom.
He argues that:
Because he genuinely has no moral compass, Blair really did not know how utterly outrageous it was to invite terrorist leaders such as Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams to Chequers. This is the personal residence of the prime minister – it is not 10 Downing Street, which is the administrative hub of the government. But because the peace process had no precedent, like all true psychopaths Blair had no idea of what was intrinsically right or wrong. The message he thus gave to the nationalists of Northern Ireland was that these bloodstained characters – not the poor wallflower Mark Durkan, who has never seen the inside of Chequers – are the people who count and whom he would befriend and invite to his home.Moreover, he writes:

No British party leader since the unspeakable Bonar Law has had so little grasp of his binding constitutional duties towards Ireland. On Blair’s conscienceless watch, terrorists have been cosseted and courted even as Northern constitutional nationalism and the Ulster Unionist Party were systematically destroyed. Today the people of Britain will endorse him yet again. Five more years? God help us all.