Double Standards ?

The Irish Independent reports,Support for 50,000 Irish illegals in US , that Catholic Church representatives and some FG politicians are in the USA lobbying for special treatment for Irish people breaking the law in the USA.The Bishop of Derry, Seamus Hegarty, and Fr Alan Hilliard, as well as various FG Tds and an MEP are there at their own expense, hoping to meet politicians and Irish American groups to support the case for administrative changes which will make it easier for the illegals to remain in the USA.

In a month’s time, the immigration legislation is expected to go before US Congress, brought by senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy, which would subject illegal immigrants to fines, but allow them to remain in the US and earn a chance to apply for permanent residency.

Considering the harshness of Ireland’s treatment of those deemed illegal immigrants, this smacks of double standards – and surely couldn’t in any way be linked to the colour and religion of those from Ireland wishing to stay in the USA despite having broken the law ?