Strange silence over paramilitaries

Susan McKay has been riding shotgun on the disappearance, and widely presumed murder of Lisa Dorian. There are rumours and yet more rumours about what happened to her, which the family refuse to get involved in. McKay writes that the resounding silence (subs needed) from anyone who might know something, is another example of the chill factor that permeates communities that are dominated by paramilitaries.

The PSNI mounted a huge search operation involving sniffer dogs, air and sea search crews, divers and a large team of police officers. They’ve taken hundreds of statements. They appear to have got ‘intelligence’ – but little in the way of hard evidence from those in a position to supply it. Lisa was meant to be at a party in a caravan in Ballyhalbert. Some of those who were told her family that Lisa left at about five in the morning and ‘got lost in the dark’.

There are similarities between this and the situation faced by the family of Robert McCartney. He was murdered by IRA men after a fight in a small bar inside which 70 or so drinkers managed to see and hear nothing of significance. His killers are brazening out the storm of publicity the case has attracted and it is obvious they are being protected by those around them.

The LVF has no politics and therefore no political wing on which pressure can be put. (God and Ulster? God help God. God help Ulster.) David Ervine, leader of the Progressive Unionist Party, which emerged from the UVF, has urged anyone who knows anything about this murder to tell it to the police. He believes “even the LVF” wouldn’t condone these killers. Sylvia Hermon, the Dorrian’s MP, has also called for those who can to come forward and help a family in agony.

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