Young people under voting spotlight…

THE Electoral Commission has set up a study to find out why young people are disengaging from politics. In the 2001 General Election, only about 35 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds voted. Will you be voting on May 5? If not, why not? It seems that despite rumours to the contrary, young people are interested in politics, but perhaps it’s certain issues and not party politics that floats their boat.Stuart Mullan, outreach officer at the commission’s Belfast office, said their research indicated that young people felt unrepresented by politicians and added:

“Our research would indicate that young people are much more likely to discuss political issues than any other section of the population, and yet they clearly aren’t making the connection between the issues they are passionate about and the ballot box.”

But remember, if you DON’T vote on May 5, don’t be coming to Slugger whinging about the results!