Problems with justice

Ambrose has already drawn attention to Sinn Féin members in South Belfast feeling hard done by over party reaction to the McCartney justice campaign. While the Derry Journal carries comments from unnamed residents in Galliagh and Shantallow complaining over the activities of some supporters in the ‘Justice for Jimmy’ group. Relatives for Justice and An Fhirinne have protested at the BBC about claims they are refusing to cover their events and the SDLP have called for a more joined approach to justice.On the BBC:

“The failure by the BBC to cover these events will be seen as further evidence of its failure to report equally on sensitive and crucially important matters regarding conflict related killings.
“We feel that we have been treated with contempt and disregard by the BBC,”


“We have been terrorised by these hoods who now seem to think that they can do what they like and get away with it because if anyone goes near them the media will be reporting their claims about intimidation and the like. “Well let me tell you the only people being intimidated around here at the minute are the local people whose cars are being stolen and wrecked and who are being threatened.”


“Some don’t want to face up to victims issues. Many victim-makers in the government and in paramilitary organisations do not want their role ever to come to light,” he said.
“But the SDLP believes that we have to take a strong stand for the rights of victims, because this is not just about the past. It is about hurt, pain and injustice that thousands of victims and survivors live with to this day.”

Sean Hayes:

“We have to stop punishing people for something they didn’t do. It will get to the stage where as soon as a republican walks into a bar, they will be attacked or accused of something.”