Not a dupe.

UKUP leader Robert McCartney has responded to UUP claims that he has been DUPed into not standing in North Down. Dermot Nesbitt claimed that the DUP manifesto said that a D`Hondt style government was out of the question but that it did not mean “out of the question forever”.Mr McCartney has since stated that: “Not only does the DUP manifesto confirm that a mandatory coalition with Sinn Fein under D`Hondt or any similar arrangement is `out of the question` but every subsequent utterance by Dr Paisley and Peter Robinson has underlined the fact.”

“Any future coalition which includes Sinn Fein would only be a voluntary one but would only occur (if ever) after Sinn Fein had fully complied with the most stringent requirements on disassociation from the IRA, total and transparent decommissioning and a complete end to criminality of every kind.”

“Peter Robinson has prudently said that compliance with such terms will take a generation. Sinn Fein/IRA criminality has been endemic in Northern Ireland since 1969 and almost two generations of Republicans have known nothing else.”

“So, even if a process of ending a criminal lifestyle was to commence at once, it will take a very long time to extract criminality from the social fabric of Northern Ireland society.”

“In these circumstances, the DUP manifesto is clear. There will be no enforced coalition ever with Sinn Fein and no voluntary one in the foreseeable future.”