South Belfast to fall?

Alasdair McDonnell believes that South Belfast will fall to the dark (green) side at the forthcoming General Election.

The bookmakers recognise that this is a three-horse race. They also realise that unionism is deeply split and for the first time ever, a nationalist can take this seat.

Alasdair knows the truth just as Michael McGimpsey does:

Splitter Spratt is this election’s Jim Dixon.

Michael will hold South Belfast. Any chance the SDLP had of South Belfast disappeared with their greener than green campaign and any outlandish dream the DUP had of it sank with the appointment (as opposed to selection) of a poor candidate. However the DUPs decision to appoint a candidate at all shows their attitude, which Michael quite rightly describes as a “scorched earth policy”. Because they can’t win it, they want to make sure we can’t win it either. They will be disappointed.