Not one, not two, but many Manifestos.

The DUP this morning launched its manifeso, taking the unveiling to a golf club in the heart of Upper Bann.

As well as the current manifesto available to download, Peter Robinson was quick to point out at the press launch this morning that, possibly unlike some other parties, previous manifestos are still easily available to check on promises kept.As well as the expected sections on the future of devolution and the political process, with quotes from political commentators and political opponents alike, there are a fair range of issues covered throughout the thirty four or so pages.

These include:
12 pledges for Senior Citizens,
Support for grammar schools and opposition to the Common Funding Formula
Support for ‘zero tolerance’ and ‘safer ‘streets’ initiatives to tackle crime.
Support for a ban on smoking in enclosed public places.

Also included are past DUP ‘deliveries’ on rates relief for Orange Halls and a Victims Commissioner.