DUP untruths

I must admit I have only read 6 pages of the DUP Manifesto, however when I saw what appears to be an untruth, I stopped.

In 2001 at the Westminster election the Democratic Unionist Party won more votes than the UUP in the constituencies both parties contested.

South Down:
Dermot Nesbitt (UUP) 9,173 (17.6%)
Jim Wells (DUP) 7,802 (15.0%)

Upper Bann:
David Trimble (UUP) 17,095 (33.5%)
David Simpson (DUP) 15,037 (29.5%)

Lagan Valley:
Jeffrey Donaldson (UUP) 25,966 (56.5%)
Seamus Close (Alliance) 7,624 (16.6%)
Edwin Poots (DUP) 6,164 (13.4%)

East Antrim:
Roy Beggs (UUP) 13,101 (36.4%)
Sammy Wilson (DUP) 12,973 (36.0%)

South Antrim:
David Burnside (UUP) 16,366 (37.1%)
William McCrea (DUP) 15,355 (34.8%)If this statement is not untrue, I will of course apologise and retract. Looking at the figures however, it is a either untrue or amazingly misleading.