Addressing a cross-border problem.

Today’s Sunday Times reports, Penalty points for cross-border speeding abuses, that Martin Cullen ( Minister for transport) and the Irish Attorney General will be using European legislation to close a loop-hole which allows Irish drivers to escape getting penalty points on their licenses if caught speeding in the United Kingdom.I would hope, although some Unionists might not be enthusiastic, that the UK will follow suit in respect of drivers caught speeding in Ireland.

Apparently there is a particular problem in the border counties-

“Safety groups say the anomoly encourages motorists from either side of the border to speed while driving outside their jurisdiction. Counties Louth, Donegal and Cavan have particularly poor road-safety records. Conor Faughnan of the AA, referring to the poor road safety records of these counties, said a “zone of recklessness” existed around the border. He said the figures suggested motorists from Northern Ireland believed they could “get away” with speeding when in the republic. “