Derry Gregory

Turns out, Belfast Sammy isn’t the only DUP triple mandate seeker to do so in different areas. Gregory Campbell is standing for Derry City Council, on the same day as asking the good people of East Londonderry to send him back to the green benches of Westminster.No Ulster Unionist has a triple mandate. Four DUPs have (Robinson x2, Dodds and Campbell), and by my count another 9 (Foster, Donaldson, Weir, Wilson, Buchanan, Berry, Hay, McCrea (Wm) and Wells) are seeking to attain the same. Of the Ulster Unionists in the same position, at least one (David McClarty) has pledged to resign his Assembly seat should he be returned to Parliament. Why do the DUP needlessly take up seats on Councils when those seats could be filled by persons with more time to devote to that role? Jeffrey Donaldson has proclaimed in the Ulster Star that the duplication between roles justified his decision to seek a seat on Lisburn Council. If he is doing the job anyway, they why take up the seat? Why not let someone else take some of the burden off his presumably full schedule?