Conflict over McCartney intimidation story

The McCartney sisters’ assertion that they were mobbed whilst dropping leaflets was denied by one woman who claims she was part of the alleged mob. Daily Ireland has the report.It quotes one Mary King of Short Strand:

These reports are completely false. The only people there was me, my sister and two kids. My sister was handed a leaflet by the McCartneys and she let it drop to the ground, as is her choice. As soon as that happened the McCartneys started shouting abuse and one of them behaved really aggressively. They were shouting and swearing at us and then my son came and told us to leave it. I couldn’t believe it when I read there was a dozen people there and that threats had been made. Words were exchanged for sure, but that was it and it came from both sides. You can take it from me, I was there and I know what exactly what happened. There was no crowd of men, no senior republicans or otherwise.

However the paper also quotes Paula McCartney, who adds some detail:

They started calling Robert a coward and said the men who killed him were real men. They are fascists, we told them they should be ashamed of themselves. The men joined in and starting shouting sexual abuse at us. It was a disgrace, we are going through enough without this sort of behaviour.