Lack of accountability in Education Boards?

Let’s see now.. according to this BBC report, a NI Audit Office Dept of Education report into two of the Education Boards here “highlights serious failings in the execution of responsibilities within both boards and makes 49 specific recommendations for improvement relating to each board, its chief executive and chief finance officer” and, reportedly, accuses the two Chief Executives of a “very serious breach” of their responsibilities as accounting officers… but they ‘should not lose their jobs’. The actual report doesn’t appear to be online yet but,[see update] if the BBC report is accurate, then the question is – who should be held accountable for the deficits run up by the Boards? UpdatedUpdate Thanks to our observant reader Alan.

Despite first appearances – and I’m blaming a lack of clarity in the BBC report.. Harrumph – it seems that this was an inquiry by the Department of Education and not the NI Audit Office… hmmm.

The inquiry report can be found here