Cover up acts require a lot of kicking and screaming!

Susan McKay believes that Geraldine Finucane did not get the coverage she deserved last week because the media was absorbed in the McCartney’s meeting with George Bush. She quotes Judge Cory’s grandson, “who, when thwarted, would announce that he was going to his room and he was going to kick and scream and turn blue”. But she warns:

The Belfast republicans who have taken to jeering at the McCartneys for turning to Bush as their champion should reflect on this. Yes, he is an international menace to freedom, democracy and human rights. He’s also the most powerful man in the world and Gerry Adams would have been happy to shake his hand – again – had he been asked. Judge Cory called collusion, among other things, “conniving with those who committed the murder by turning a blind eye”. That applies equally to the republican movement’s behaviour in relation to the McCartney murder.

She also notes the relative silence over the possible involvement of the LVF in the suspected murder of a young Catholic girl Lisa Dorrian:

“Speculation isn’t helpful,” the detective in charge said. “What we want to deal with is facts and evidence.”

To sign off she adds:

The LVF is closely bound up with the UDA which was closely bound up with the British intelligence services when it murdered Pat Finucane. If it is still involved in murder, we need to know, just as we need to know about the IRA’s role in the McCartney case and the British government’s in the Finucane case. We all need to emulate Judge Cory’s grandson. We need to make a lot of noise.