King: McCartney case has potential to transform NI

The Telegraph of Calcutta reckons that Sinn Fein has moved from the status of rebels to that of robbers. Time magazine magazine notes how the public stature of the IRA has fallen in the US:

Americans applauded their stand against the I.R.A., whose stature at home and abroad has plummeted in the face of the McCartneys’ campaign to have Robert’s killers arrested. By breaking the code of silence in Northern Ireland that has long surrounded crimes committed by I.R.A. members, the family has galvanized public opinion against the I.R.A., which for the past 35 years has claimed to be defending the Catholics of Northern Ireland from Protestant gunmen.

Congressman Peter King, a longtime Sinn Fein supporter who met with the McCartneys: “They have a forum that no one has ever had before. [If] this case is followed all the way, and the guys who did it go to jail for it, that will have monumental impact on the people of Northern Ireland.”