Adams: there is a way forward…

Normally St Patrick’s Day is a bit of a no news day for Slugger. Today appears to be an exception. Gerry Adams’ set piece for the day is in the New York Daily News. It’s the party’s best shot to date at placing the blame for the breakdown in negotiations before Christmas on the DUP:

But the DUP stated it was not content with the commission, led by Canadian Army Gen. John de Chastelain, overseeing the process, as had occurred in stages before and had been agreed upon. The IRA then agreed to allow a Protestant minister and a Catholic priest to also confirm the decommissioning. Paisley and his DUP still would not agree, demanded photographs, stated the IRA must wear “sackcloths and ashes” in an act of humiliation, and walked away as the talks ended in failure.

There is no little mention of the McCartney case.