McCartneys to deliver killing and cover up dossier

The McCartney sisters are expected to deliver a dossier to President Bush outlining all the significant events since their brother was killed by a gang IRA men in Market Street in Belfast. Tim Reid reports in the paper version of today’s Times:

The sisters and fiancee of Mr McCartney will present a dossier of his killing to Mr Bush tomorrow when they meet him in the White House. It will chart events leading up to his murder in a Belfast bar six weeks ago, and name the men who killed him. It details everything that has happened since January 30, the events leading to Robert’s murder, the people involved and events since,” Ms [Cahterine] McCartney said before flying to Washington yesterday.

The Guardian has a copy of the McCartneys’ Washington itinerary – they’ll be at the Irish Embassy on St Patricks night along with Gerry Adams.