“Be very careful” – McGuinness

The latest twist in the McCartney family’s ongoing campaign came tonight during the hour-long Channel 4 news. Presenter Jon Snow began by reporting comments from Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, in which he said the McCartney family “need to be very careful”(hat-tip to our reader Alan) and that they should not “step over that line.. into the world of party political politics[sic]” – a clear reference to the suggestion that family members are to run against SF candidates – by the end of the programme Martin McGuinness was on the line from Derry, referring to a statement he issued tonight in which he accuses the PSNI of “tailoring their investigation into the murder.. to cause maximum damage to Sinn Féin.” It’s a conspiracy theory that may play in some quarters, but others will see a party increasingly rattled and desperate. UpdateMcCartney family’s response