Sinn Fein to sustain minimal electoral damage

Despite the heavy weather in terms of the party’s press coverage since the Northern Bank raid, they have only lost 3.5% of support since the last Assembly election. Welcome news for beleaguered activists. The Nationalist game is (in theory) currently tied. In reality, the SDLP will take little comfort from these figures. But the news is even worse for David Trimble:

Support for the DUP has increased further from the high of its Assembly election performance of 25.6% to 28% now. Today’s poll contains very bad news for David Trimble, however – support for the Ulster Unionist Party has slumped from the already low 22.7% in November 2003, to just 16%. If translated into reality at the ballot boxes in two months, it could leave the party with just one or two Westminster seats.

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