Glossary: playing the ball not the man

There are not many rules in Slugger’s rough guide to commenting etiquette. The most important is a golden coaching rule in Soccer: players must “play the ball and not the man”. In other words, people should be judged on what they say, not who they are! Or on how others view their motives. The aim is twofold: to encourage higher quality outputs from commenters and to retain a competitive edge to the dialogue. Played well it can greatly enhance the speed and quality of the game!

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    these are turbulent times indeed and this arena provides an excellent opportunity for the asking of questions and the receipt of answers to those questions (regardless of how one views the answers requested). Many of the commentators do give first hand and insightful accounts that do enlighten the debates.
    The scale of the interest in this site indicates that a lot of people are sourcing the site and are using it for filler stories, I know of reporters who do use it.