It’s ALL good, Gary.. Really!

John, of Irish Eagle fame, points out that the anonymous genius ‘Dutch kid’ is anonymous no more!.. and he’s not Dutch – nor was he ever, for that matter – “>reported in the NY Times, he had initially embraced his well-deserved fame as a dancing fiend.. but not for long – talk show appearances have been cancelled and he, apparently, is now living as a virtual recluse.. the burden of that difficult second video clip torments him – How can he top what has gone before?

Let me just echo what John has already said on his blog, and add that the thought that I had contributed to this guy’s misery did cross my mind, briefly. But he hadn’t been duped, he hadn’t had the clip stolen or posted without his knowledge. He made it, and posted it, himself. And it IS a GENIUS clip! That’s why everyone.. well.. most of us.. well.. some of us.. linked to it.

Dude.. listen to what your friend, Corey Dzielinski, says in the NY Times article – “Gary this is your one chance to be famous – embrace it”