Flooding the zone

Richard Delevan, in his sicNotes, asks whether, in response to the increasingly critical atmosphere, Sinn Féin is using the PR tactic of “flooding the zone” – Richard, in particular, focuses on a comparison of two recent editions of RTE Liveline. As he points out, ‘flooding the zone’ may be a crude tactic – whether in support of a candidate or a point of view – but it can work. At least as a one-off. And it can give the appearance of “grass roots” opinion, when in fact it’s been orchestrated.It may also be worth noting Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh’s response to those recent convictions when interviewed on RTÉ news – including the claim that he, Mr Ó Snodaigh, could not be held responsible for Niall Binead, a SF member [and election agent IIRC] convicted last November of, as RTÉ reports, “similar offences.”

So, is that an example of a Sinn Féin member convicted of a criminal activity?