Concern at Trial by Media

Harry Browne in an excellent article in counterpunch,The Plot Unravels, raises an important issue. Normal restraint seems to have been cast aside in the media feeding-frenzy, and with the exception of Mr Flynn who has been given the benefit of the doubt, others named as having been arrested will surely have little chance of getting an unprejudiced trial.“Flynn denies any wrong-doing and may well be an innocent party. He is certainly getting the benefit of the doubt from most media, which are otherwise going to town on the other people arrested and hugely prejudicing their prospects of a fair trial. The practice of not publicly naming criminal suspects before they are charged has broken down somewhat in the media’s breathless excitement about recent events. Police in the Republic say it may be months before the investigation leads to a clear set of charges. And there is an awful lot of money still unaccounted-for — much of untraceable.”

Lynch mobs are never pleasant.