Finally …

It took time and it took a lot of pressure but better late than never :
Adams urges people to help PSNI on McCartney case Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has urged anyone who knew about a brutal pub brawl murder in Belfast to pass that information on.

The West Belfast MP also launched a scathing attack on those who carried out the stabbing of Robert McCartney and stressed that his party supported the victim’s family in their search for justice.

Even though no one has yet been charged with Belfast man Robert McCartney’s stabbing, the identities of his killers is widely known.

After senior party representative Gerry Kelly visited the 33-year-old forklift driver’s grieving family, his sister Paula claimed republicans had frightened witnesses into silence.

“There are allegations that Robert McCartney was killed by republicans,” he said.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that no one involved acted as a republican or on behalf of republicans.

“I repudiate this brutal killing in the strongest terms possible.”

He added: “No one has any right, as has been claimed, to prevent anyone from helping the McCartney family.

“People with reservations about assisting the PSNI should give any information they might have either to the family, a solicitor or any other authoritative or reputable person or body.”