East West split

The Family Resources Survey Urban Rural Report (2002/3) has been published. It provides an overview of many differences in lifestyle between the East/West, Rural/Urban.Some points from the report.

Weekly household income Urban East £461, Urban West £419, Rural West £454, Rural East £542.

The Urban West also had the highest proportion of households in receipt of Income Support (including those receiving Minimum Income Guarantee) at 26 percent, compared to only ten percent in the Rural East.

The Urban West and the Rural West shared the highest proportion (23 percent of each) who earned 60 percent below the median income after housing costs.

The Urban West also had the largest range when comparing the proportions of those who earned 50 percent to 70 percent below the GB mean income after housing costs, ranging from 15 to 35 percent respectively.

The Rural East reported the highest proportion of males in all types of employment (71 percent)whilst the Urban West reported the lowest proportion (at 62 percent).

The highest proportion of females in all types of employment was recorded in the Urban East (58 percent), and the lowest
proportion was found in the BMUA (50 percent).